Jackson (Elektrisch)

Jackson Demmelition King V Pro Black USED

Japanese model. This is a USED Demmelition King V PDX, comes with the original case... amazing condition. Please contact for more photos.... PHIL DEMMEL PDX DEMMELITION KING V King V body shapes convey an aggressive attitude, but those jetfighter wings also create powerful sustain and a distinct low end. Alder keeps the long body from becoming a shoulder anchor, and beveled edges make the radical form easy on the arms and belly. Jackson’s own Floyd Rose–licensed Jackson double-locking bridge floats in a route that allows the bar to be dropped or pulled up.


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In place of the higher-priced Demmelition’s active EMGs, this incarnation features a passive set of EMG-HZ humbuckers. Jackson gave the PDX Demmelition hard-hitting punch by bolting the maple neck to the body, instead of using the original King V’s neck-through-body configuration. The neck almost perfectly replicates the thin U-shaped profile, jumbo frets and shark fin inlays that made Charvel/Jackson Model 4 and 6 guitars some of the fastest and most beloved of the era. Sweeping feels second nature across this wide, compound radius board, and the huge frets facilitate two-handed tapping.

Price: CHF 1'750.00