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  • KVV TAYLOR says:

    I am interested in the Larrivee used D05e dread.
    Can you send me more specs and if possible the
    serial number and some pictures i could view so
    i purchase well. thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Taylor,
      Gladly…. the serial number 52790. solid sitka spruce top, Ebony Fretboard, 1 piece mahogany neck, solid mahogany back and sides, Fishman Prefix stereo blender preamp and pickup. I will send more pics as well, if you are still interested. Please contact me directly at
      thank you for your inquiry!
      David Max

    • admin says:

      are you still interested in the Larrivee?
      David Max

  • Burt Patrick says:

    I have two Guitars to give:
    Electric Dean Strat-Form in nice Blue 1 Humbucker and 2 Single coils and tremolo rarely used not on Stage with a Rock-Case.
    A Line 6 Pocket-pod
    An F.hashimoto 12 string-western guitar with bag.
    Thank you for your kind response
    Best regards
    Patrick Burt

    • admin says:

      Hi Patrick,
      Thank you for your message! I cannot quote price on Trade deals without seeing the products, first hand.
      Also, keep in mind that we can only give significantly less than market value for your gear, in trade value.
      But, please, come with your gear and perhaps we can make a deal!
      David Max

  • zeraschi Gianluca says:

    i’m very interested in the marshall 2061x handwired head. i have an orange ad30 combo that i would like to trade. do you also make trades? i thought i could give the orange as a trade for your marshall and pay the difference in cash.
    best regards,
    Gianluca zeraschi

  • Bertrand says:

    Hi guys,
    I bought a used boss netal zone the 21st october without testing it in the shop. and when i came back to geneva the switch is not working correctly it means that i have to stomp it several times before it works.
    What do you suggest ?

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