Deeflexx Edition Sound Deflection

What is Deeflexx?

The Deeflexx is a high-end sound-deflection system for guitar and bass amps or cabinets. The diffuser deflects the beam of a speaker and converts it into a homogenous sound area.

The vision and functions of the Deeflexx surpass all currently available attempts and solutions.
Supported by a top designer and sound engineers something totally new is created – Deeflexx.

BEAM-Deeflexx in action – Link to Video

  Deeflexx-user-live-18-©-Lars-Kluen-300x300 Deeflexx-user-live-19-©-HooVi-300x300 Deeflexx-user-live-17-©-HooVi-300x300 Deeflexx-user-live-08-©-HooVi-300x300 Deeflexx-user-live-01-©-HooVi-300x300