Boss DM2W Waza Craft Delay

Pedal geeks rejoice for today is a grand day for us all! Yes the time has come for us to cease our obsessive web trawling, seeking 'the one' pedal that just won't pop up on internet auction sites.. EVER!!

Boss have released the 'Waza Craft' Series of pedals, giving you boutique brilliance with all the modern perks of guitar effects! If you're been searching long and hard, far and wide for the original DM-2W Delay you'll be all too familiar with how frustrating it can sometimes be to locate one, especially in a state which you can actually use it. Well you're tiresome search has come to an end, finally!

Even the fussiest, most die-hard old-skool fans can be happy with this one, as the circuitry used is all-analogue and therefore brings you gloriously rich, vintage sound and feel, warming your soul and the hearts of all those who hear you play. Simply switch between both options to achieve your desired tone, whether that's warm, authentic analogue vibes, or super-crisp, responsive, modern attack, the DM-2W Delay delivers every time! What Boss say about the DM-2W Delay Pedal: Ever since being discontinued way back in 1984, the BOSS DM-2 Delay pedal has remained highly sought after by players everywhere for its warm, “bucket brigade” analogue delay tone. Now, the DM is back! With the Waza Craft DM-2W, the coveted stomp has been reborn with switchable sound modes and greater versatility for today’s music styles. Using 100-percent analogue circuitry, the DM-2W’s Standard mode nails the lush sound and 20-300 ms delay range of the original DM-2. Flipping into Custom mode instantly changes the sound character to a cleaner analogue tone with over twice the available delay time. Key Features: Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience True reproduction of the vintage DM-2 Delay sound Premium all-analogue circuit with BBD (bucket brigade) delay line Standard mode for authentic DM-2 tone with 20-300 ms delay time Custom mode provides warm-yet-clear delay sound and over twice the delay time Expression pedal input for foot control of delay time Two output jacks allow separate output of delay and direct sounds BOSS five-year warranty

Price: CHF 172.00

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