Antichthon is the ancient Greek word for “Counter-World,” another Earth which lies beyond the sun. The Catalinbread Antichthon attempts to expound on just what this world might look like. Catalinbread’s approach to the Antichthon questions the way we might make music, perceive sounds and derive inspiration in a world that is, in all facets, the polar opposite of our own.​

For starters, the Antichthon is controlled by the guitar’s volume knob, instead of by the knobs on the pedal. The guitar’s volume knob is more of an expression control than the pedal’s dials, which are meant to be set and left alone. The core of the Antichthon is three separate modes that can be achieved through different knob settings, then controlled by the guitar.​

Mode 1 is a dynamic fuzzed-out tremolo. The guitar’s volume knob controls the speed and sound of the tremolo instead of the pedal’s actual controls. The tremolo is very interesting, it’s very choppy and rhythmic, an effect that is certainly apropos to the concept of opposites. The fuzz sound itself is full of even-order harmonics, so it never sounds cloying or harsh. Mode 2 is an otherworldly tone generator, and it will work without any input from the player. However, it’s when you add in your guitar’s signal that makes it interesting. Your guitar and the pedal’s tone meld together to create all sorts of interesting and inspiring sounds. From sub-bass tones to piercing horn sounds, there isn’t much outside the realm of possibility. Mode 3 is a harmonic fuzz-overdrive. This setting is more familiar, and usually seems like an add-on to some of the more “experimental” effects out there. However, this one is truly great, like a time portal back to our Earth and more familiar surroundings. Catalinbread Antichthon Features: Three distinct modes, fuzz tremolo, tone generator and fuzz-overdrive 9–18 volt operation Control the effect from your guitar’s controls Hand-made in Portland

Price: CHF 199.00

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