Catalinbread Bicycle Delay

In April of 1943, Albert Hoffman took an unprecendented trip. He discovered the first ever synthesized LSD, dosed himself with it, and with that, rode his bicycle home in what was surely the most memorable work commute of all time. It was henceforth known as "Bicycle Day."

Now, Catalinbread has distilled this trip into its Bicycle Delay. Through its unique Mood control, the Bicycle Delay ranges from high-school notebook paper squares to full-on Hoffman-esque downhill racing.

Lucidity, Expanse and Reflect make up standard delay controls of mix, delay time (though this one is wired in reverse) and feedback/repeats. However, using these controls in conjunction with the Mood and Radiance knobs really gets the trip going.

At its core, the Bicycle Delay adds a musically tuned ring modulated sound to the repeats, and the Mood knob dials in the amount of octave imparted to the ring mod and repeats. Yes, octave. Twisting the Mood knob changes the octave dispertion from down to up and in any manner of intervals. After setting the Mood, the Radiance knob acts as a filter, a powerful tone control that illuminates the setting you've created. As one might imagine, these five controls in conjunction are capable of a great number of psychedelic delay tones. Try setting the Lucidity low and leaving it on for an entire song for an ethereal backdrop, or set the Mood low for a traditional delay with nontraditional overtones. Take the trip. Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Features: Mood knob sets the octave amount Delay trails contain a ringmod flavor Hand-made in Portland, OR Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 199.00

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