Just about everyone's heard a Danelectro solidbody electric guitar, whether you're aware of it or not. It's been used by such well-known players as Mark Knopfler, John Frusciante, and Jimmy Page. Well, Danelectro recently found a batch of their classic lipstick pickups built in 1999. Now, with those NOS pickups in your '59M NOS, you can nail those classic, lo-fi-sounding tones. the wraparound intonation-adjustable bridge and adjustable truss rod give your Danelectro '59M NOS modern dependability in a guitar that defines the retro Dano look and sound.

nstantly identifiable Dano looks and sound NOS lipstick pickups built well over a decade ago Construction updates for modern reliability Instantly identifiable Dano looks and sound While it may have not sold the numbers other classic electric guitar designs have, the classic Dano look and sound may be every bit as familiar around the world as just about any other guitar design out there. The Danelectro '59M NOS captures this vibe for you in spades. Built with its feet firmly in the vintage design of the older Danos, the '59M NOS still offers you the ability to go from really old-school Nashville twang to modern fuzzed-out garage rock. And you'll look the part no matter what your tone calls for. NOS lipstick pickups built well over a decade ago Danelectro recently uncovered a supply of their lipstick pickups, built in 1999 for some of the great reissues Danelectro was manufacturing then. Placed in this '59M NOS, the lipstick pickups offer you the classic Danelectro round-twang that fits great in a any recording or live mix. They sound particularly amazing for bluesy slide work. Wired in series, you get a great humbucking output boost when in the middle position. Lipstick pickups were originally built by Danelectro, so they know a thing or two about bringing you great lipstick tone. Construction updates for modern reliability You'll be able to gig your '59 NOS electric guitar without worry, thanks to modern updates that bring the guitar up to today's high-quality standards. You'll get great intonation up and down the neck, with the six-saddle intonation-adjustable bridge. And, You get an adjustable truss rod to make sure your Dano '59 NOS's neck stays straight and playing true. Danelectro '59M NOS Electric Guitar Features: Solidbody electric guitar with vintage performance and modern reliability A look that's true to vintage Danelectro classics NOS lipstick pickups built in 1999 give that defining sound Keep your neck straight with the truss rod Intonation-adjustable wraparound tailpiece Clear tone from an aluminum string nut Stacked tone and volume knobs

Price: CHF 495.00

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