Death by Audio Apocalypse (SOLD)

Utilizing past knowledge and their years of fuzz innovation, Death By Audio presents the Apocalypse.  The Death by Audio Apocalypse is a 5-in-1 fuzz pedal with a sweepable filter that yields an array of versatile fuzz sounds from one pedal.  Capable of mild boost to full on fuzz, the Death by Audio Apocalypse features a 5-way switch for 5 different fuzz tones.  Scoup is scooped and perfect for metal and doom, Gainiac is a more classic sounding, high gain fuzz overloaded with harmonics, Square Wave is a huge ballsy distortion sound, Octavious induces full wave rectification for a nasty octave fuzz, and Wave Form Shifter provides splatty, gated fuzz.  The Frequency control  is more than a standard tone control, in its breadth are anything from bass heavy to scooped to midrange hump to overloaded treble bumblebee buzz.  With all these options it’s no wonder the pedal is named as it is.  The Death by Audio Apocalypse is the be-all end-all of fuzz/distortion effects and will reign down on any who dispute that.

True Bypass 5 Different Fuzz Effects Sweepable EQ Filter Standard -9VDC Operation

Price: CHF 259.00

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