Death by Audio Fuzz War

The Fuzz War from Death by Audio is the ultimate in thick, rich, nasty fuzz and distortion. The Fuzz War features more gain and fuzz sound than any other pedal on the market. Death by Audio knows that there is hundreds of fuzz pedals out there for guitar. Clones, original designs, there is a fuzz for every occasion. Now there's a fuzz for all out galactic domination that ranges from a light overdrive to blistering fuzz chaos. Death by Audio has removed the internal drive control and added a fuzz knob on the face of the pedal that ranges from no distortion whatsoever to full on eardrum rattling fuzz. Set your volume, adjust the tone of the signal and then use the fuzz knob to layer in fuzz distortion. When you are tired of weak fuzz pedals, step up to the plate with the Fuzz War. Death by Audio dares you.

VOLUME - (The little ramp graphic) Controls the overall output volume of the pedal. FUZZ - Controls the drive or gain of the fuzz circuit. At it's lowest setting the pedal just acts as a tone shifter. As the fuzz knob is turned up it sweeps from a booster to an overdrive to a thick distortion to a full on blown out war of fuzz. TONE - A specially designed multi-curve shaping filter which changes the timbre of the pedal from super deep bass sludge to screaming highs. True Bypass Switching Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Price: CHF 179.00

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