Death by Audio Micro Dream Delay

Death by Audio has been known to push the limits of gain and dirt, and now they’re doing it with delay. The original Echo Dream delay pushes the limits of the PT2399 chip into the red while adding a slew of bells and whistles, but the Micro Dream keeps the core intact and gives you the insane delay of the original in a tiny box.

Three controls govern Feedback, Delay Time and mix (labeled “Delay”). Of course, since this is a Death By Audio pedal, the controls range from pedestrian to full-on signal gnashing.

The chips inside the Micro Dream are rated to go to 600 milliseconds. The max delay time of the Micro Dream is one full second—pushing it this far introduces a leaned-out lo-fi delay tone that hisses, pops and falls apart. The Feedback control has an onboard trimmer that sets how quickly the Micro Dream springs into self-oscillation (come on, you knew it would). When combining this gnarly feedback section with the extended delay time, some very noisy and hairy DBA-style delay leaps out of the Micro Dream. It gets real in a hurry. Death by Audio Micro Dream Delay features: Extended delay time that pushes the chip into the red Huge feedback range with onboard acceleration trimpot Made in USA Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 239.00

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