Death by Audio Micro Harmonic Trans

The original Death By Audio Harmonic Transformer was a burly monstrous fuzz, hell-bent on destruction of your signal and amp. Unfortunately, it was also hell-bent on wiping out all the space on your pedalboard. It was huge. The Micro Harmonic Transformer takes care of all that. Welcome back.

The Harmonic Transformer contains only one volume knob and two toggle switches. However, your guitar’s volume and tone controls help aid the madness, and as such, there’s a great deal of variance to be found.

The first toggle, Intensity, increases the gain content. The sine wave side is a smoother (but make no mistake, still gnarly) fuzz, while the square wave side yields soul-reaving, mountain pushing fuzz tones that ensure you’ll be heard. Death by Audio Micro Harmonic Transformer Fuzz features: The second toggle, Harmonic Shape, engages a complex filter that changes the harmonic content of the signal. Your choices are a rich full-spectrum fuzz sound and a clangy, mid-scooped tonal ruckus. Built the same as the original, just much smaller Two toggle switches deliver lots of versatility Built in USA Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included):

Price: CHF 219.00

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