Death by Audio Robot (SOLD)

The Death by Audio Robot is the latest in a line of sonic mayhem inducing pedals from our boys in NYC. The Robot brings Death by Audio into the low-fi, bit-crushing business. This insane pedal is a lo-fi pitch transposer that produces sweet, 8-bit ring mod effects to your guitar. The Robot features four operational modes; Normal, Octave Up, Octave Down, and Arpeggiator.

The Octave Up and Octave Down modes are pretty self explanatory. The Control knob, when fully clockwise, yields either octave up or down depending on the mode. When turned down, it bends the pitch of the octave down so you can dial in the exact tone you want. In Normal mode the Robot acts as a lo-fi fuzz pedal and the Control knob bends the pitch down from clockwise. The amount of fuzz can be further toyed with using the internal gain control. Now the fun part. The Death by Audio Robot also features an arpeggiator. The pitch will arpeggiate in a sequence and the Control knob will adjust the speed of the arpeggiation. It also makes a slight change in the pitch, allowing the arpeggiator to go higher. With all this fun, who needs anything else? Arpeggiation, whacky robotic nonsense, and 8-bit fuzz fun are all jam packed together in the Death by Audio Robot. Death by Audio Robot Features: True Bypass Internal Gain Control Octave Up/Down Arpeggiator Insanity!

Price: CHF 289.00

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