The DigiTech Whammy is legendary. Unfortunately, it takes up a lot of pedalboard real estate. The DigiTech Whammy Ricochet pitch shift pedal changes that. Instead of a bulky treadle, you control Whammy Ricochet with its momentary footswitch. And it's ridiculously easy: customize independent rise and fall time ballistics, hold down the footswitch, and dive-bomb to your heart's content. Seven selectable pitch intervals and a Range toggle switch provide you with plenty of tone-bending options. The guitarists at Sweetwater have had a blast re-creating their favorite classic Whammy pitch-shifting sounds with the DigiTech Whammy Ricochet. We've dreamed up a few new ones, too!

Classic Whammy effects without a bulky treadle Pitch bends of up to 2 octaves up or down are controlled with a momentary footswitch 7 pitch intervals and a Range toggle switch provide plenty of tone-bending options Customizable control of Shift and Return time LED Trajectory Ladder yields instant visual feedback Latching footswitch mode to lock rise or fall of pitch True bypass design preserves your tone

Price: CHF 159.00

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