DOD Envelope Filter 440

Quacky, quirky, and expressive as all get out, the DOD Envelope Filter 440 is one reissue pedal guitarists everywhere eagerly anticipated - and now it's back and better than ever. On its own, the DOD 440 pick-attack-activated slow filter sweeps give you a kind of funky auto wah effect, and it's a real beast when you couple it with overdrive. The Range control lets you dial in which frequencies the filter sweeps, so you can avoid muddiness or harshness. But it's the addition of a bipolar Voice switch that makes the reissued Envelope Filter 440 so cool, which allows you to select whether the rise or fall of the sweep gets emphasized. And whereas the Up setting gives you the classic 440 guitar effect, the bass players here really dig the subterranean dive you get from the Down setting.

DOD Envelope Filter 440 Effects Pedal Features: A classic filter-sweep effect reissued for today's guitarists and bass players Pick/transient-triggered filter sweeps react to your playing dynamics and add expression to your sound Level setting makes it easy to dial in the sensitivity of the envelope trigger to meet your playing dynamics Range control lets you set which frequencies the sweep covers, so you can tune your effect New Up/Down Voice switch allows you to choose which part of the sweep to emphasize Up setting provides the quacky auto-wah-style effect that's perfect for guitar Down setting adds a diving character to your sound, adding body to bass tone Other enhancements include a crisp blue status LED, light aluminum chassis, and true-bypass switching

Price: CHF 119.00

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