Guitar virtuoso John Petrucci and Dream Theater engineer Richard Chycki worked with the Cry Baby design team to create the Dunlop JP95 John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah. John himself says it "sounds huge and badass like an angry, screaming monster with the ultimate expressive range - it's perfect for shaping single notes or manipulating growling, heavy chords." Guitarists appreciate the 6-band EQ for fine-tuning the wah tone. If you dig John Petrucci's guitar tone, you definitely need to check out the Dunlop JP95 John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah

Wah pedal for electric guitar designed for John Petrucci (Dream Theater) Controls for Volume, Q, and 6-band EQ Based on John Petrucci's Cry Baby Rack Wah settings

Price: CHF 249.00

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