Is there anything more pleasing to the ears than the sound of a well-bred germanium device working to its fullest capacity inside an equally well-designed stompbox? The answer, friends, is "no," and EarthQuaker Devices knows as much. When the company designed the Bows, it reached into the dustiest corners of its laboratory and dusted off a carefully curated germanium device as the heart and soul of the pedal.

That part was the Mullard black glass OC139 transistor. Black glass Mullard devices have been used in legendary tones the world over since their implementation in countless British boxes. Even mentioning the name in gear forums gets all the collective ears perked up.

And there is one included in every Bows. A full compliment of old-school axial capacitors and carbon-composition resistors rounds out the component selection, all expertly curated to ensure primo tone. The Bows is a germanium-equipped vintage-sounding preamp/boost unit. Much like a Rangemaster, the Bows's germanium heart pumps your signal full of Eric Clapton, Brian May and Tony Iommi sounds, but much UNlike a Rangemaster, the Bows is equipped with a toggle to switch between Treble and Full modes. This opens the Bows up significantly and turns it into a singing sweet germanium boost, perfect as an always-on flavor enhancer or the right amount of secret spice for your solos. Each Bows is equipped with relay-based click-free true bypass switching and is hand-made one at a time aboard the riverboat casino of Akron Ohio. EarthQuaker Devices Bows Features: NOS Mullard Black Glass OC139 germanium transistor Treble and Full modes for selectable frequency bands Equipped with mojo axial capacitors and carbon-comp resistors Relay-based soft-touch true bypass Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 179.00

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