Earthquaker Devices Levitation Rvrb

The latest and greatest haunt box from EQD appears in the form of a starkly beautiful black and white stomper. The graphics let the users know what they are in for—a tripped out, dripped out escapade of vintage ambience. The overall theme of the Levitation blurs the lines of dripping spring tanks, plinking silvery plates and echo chambers, taking one from Joe Meek’s bathroom, straight through the stratosphere of yesteryear. This pedal is like a small storage facility filled with aural apparitions ready for parole. Let the signal haunting begin… -

It is worth mentioning that the Levitation was conceived in spirit to celebrate Austin’s Psych Fest, which has been appropriately renamed after the classic 13th Floor Elevators track. Before I go into detail about the control and functionality, I am here to tell my fellow 13th Floor fanatics that this pedal jug-bottles the dank, acid drenched tonality of those first two psychedelic masterpiece records perfectly. The tones can go from subtle slapback echo to limb-dissolving evolutions of splashing neon nether realms. We’ve got Levitation. So Familiar… In a Way I Can’t Define The Levitation is one of those curious ambient effects that can’t quite be defined as a reverb, delay or echo, yet plays the role of all three simultaneously. It also manages to sound otherworldly, yet realistic, earthy and mechanical all at once. The atmosphere control works in conjunction with the Length toggle. One can create hyper-realistic room reflections at minimal settings, through to ethereal echelons of echo at maximum, and everything in between. While Mix and Decay are fairly self-explanatory, the Tone knob can drastically change the tone of the eerie echo tails. At minimum, the reverb is bright and splashy. It rests at the top frequencies allowing a separation of sorts between dry and wet signals. As the Tone control is nudged clockwise, the lower frequencies are washed in a deluge of deliciously dank verb-echo that is thicker, darker and heavier. Want to capture the essence of Nuggets-era verb vibe? Andy’s demo showcases the blotter-tongued tone translation perfectly. My favorite pedal pairing of the Levitation is whacking a germanium-powered fuzz box into it and absolutely nailing the tones on the 1961 classic “Night of the Vampire” by The Moontrekkers. It is a Technicolor terror vision to behold. The Levitation is equally useful jacked into the effects loop of a tank-less amp to add a splash of vintage verb to any rig. I think it would be a great idea to scrap the rulebook and add some Levitation to a high gain modern amp for a doomy dirge of dirt and decay. Let the funeral party begin… - See more at:

Price: CHF 219.00

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