Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay

Harmonize your licks and leads with the EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay polyphonic harmonizer and distortion generator pedal. This powerful 3-part harmonizer has one voice above the root and one voice below. You can adjust each voice in semitone increments out to an octave. And since each harmonizer and the root has its own volume control, you can blend them to create the perfect sound. The analog gain circuit is perfect for adding a subtle boost, a little grit, or heavy distortion to your harmonized sounds. Pitch Bay features an all-analog signal path with a digital pitch-shifting engine.

EarthQuaker Devices is a boutique pedal company based out of Akron, Ohio. They put all of their focus on building tools for musicians to find their own tone. Their designs range from enhanced classics to pedals that have never been seen or heard before. Company founder Jamie Stillman was working with rock band the Black Keys when he came upon a design that kick-started the company's success. EarthQuaker Devices is committed to helping you find your tone with high-quality products at great prices. EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay Polyphonic Harmonizer and Distortion Generator Pedal Features at a Glance: 3-part polyphonic harmonizer with built-in distortion generator 2 adjustable pitch shifters, one up and one down, offer a wide range of sound Choose from 1 to 12 semitones for each pitch shifter Each harmony has its own level control to create the perfect blend Add a touch of dirt to heavy distortion with the Gain control All-analog signal path with digital pitch-shifting engine Soft-touch, true-bypass switch for silent switching Compact size is perfect for any pedalboard Requires 9-volt DC power supply (sold separately)

Price: CHF 265.00

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