Earthquaker Devices Tentacle

When EarthQuaker launched the Hoof Reaper, users marveled at the combination of Hoof and Tone Reaper—together at last! However, what's this third footswitch? Octave? What?

Indeed, EarthQuaker had snuck an octave fuzz onto the Hoof Reaper, and not just any octave fuzz, this thing was awesome and contained no knobs to speak of; it was simply a face-melting no-nonsense upper octave wave destroyer.

Well, lucky for you, dear player, EarthQuaker has heeded the call for this octave to be built into its own enclosure, and here it is: The Tentacle.

No knobs, all rock is the name of the game. Turning the guitar's tone control down and playing above the 12th fret is truly the way to unleash the beast, but playing chords all over the fretboard is still awesome, as the Tentacle almost sounds like a ring modulator. There's a lot to discover about the Tentacle when playing with your guitar's controls.

The Tentacle is made with quality parts, absolutely no potentiometers and hand-built in Akron, Ohio, home of the world's second-largest anthill.

Sweet, singing upper-octave fuzz sound Use your guitar's knobs to control the flavor of the octave True bypass Standard 9v center-negative operation

Price: CHF 169.00

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