Earthquaker Space Spiral Delay

The EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral is an analog-voiced digital delay pedal with a ton of tone-shaping potential that will appeal to the most sonically adventurous. The Space Spiral utilizes a digital engine to deliver up to 600ms of oil-can-style analog-voiced repeats. The onboard variable waveshape LFO enables you to craft the character of the repeats from a "soothing triangle shape" to a "choppy square shape." And all the Space Spiral's aural power comes to you from the forward-thinking circuit tweakers at EarthQuaker Devices.

The Space Spiral utilizes the power of a digital delay engine to get the most from its dark and ethereal repeats. And unlike many analog delay pedals, the Space Spiral is able to deliver anything from 30 to 600ms of delay time. And while a digital soul lies within the Space Spiral, the pedal boasts a 100% analog dry signal path. This, combined with the pedal's true bypass switching, ensures your instrument's tone stays pristine whether the pedal is engaged or not. The power of the EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral modulated delay effects pedal goes far beyond its warm and ambient core tone. The Space Spiral boasts a variable waveshape LFO that can drastically change the style and character of the pedal's repeats. The Depth and Shape controls interact with delay controls to go from a familiar-sounding effect to a hard-edged repeat that can provide a great rhythmic effect. There are a lot of sounds onboard the Space Spiral, and Sweewater is excited to hear the creations you come up with.

Price: CHF 239.00

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