EBS Billy Sheehan OD USED

Second Hand. Mint condition. The Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal was developed by EBS in close co-operation with Billy himself. It is based on the concept of mixing together a clean signal with a distorted to be able to preserve low frequencies and find balance between distortion and definition.

Built-in Compressor
The option to add compression makes it possible to keep the note differentiation clearly audible even at heavily distorted sounds. There are three modes for the built-in compressor; High, Mid and Off. For the Mid setting, there's an additional trim pot inside to set the level. There's also a trim pot to set the Threshold for the compressor.

Clean Loop, Drive Loop - Endless possibilities! The Billy Sheehan Signature Drive offers unlimited pre-post mix tone shaping by including a clean loop and a drive loop. It lets the user insert any other effect they wish within each loop to create your own signature effect! For example, connect an external EQ to the Drive Loop and shape the character of the distortion any way you want, or turn off the built-in compressor if you prefer to use a different type of compressor and put in the Clean Loop. Controls With the new extended size box from EBS, there are controls for Drive (gain for the overdrive engine), Tone (sets the frequency scoop for the drive), Level (sets level for drive channel post Drive Loop and pre final compressor) and Clean (sets level for the clean channel, post Clean Loop and pre final compressor). FEATURES Drive, Tone, Level and Clean controls. Three Compressor Modes - High, Mid, Off Clean Loop and Drive Loop (connect a Y-cable for send and return). Type: Analog Effect, Mechanical Switching 9V DC (Battery or Power Supply) Sound like Billy today. Order now! SPECIFICATIONS Billy Sheehan Signature Bass Pedal Nominal Input Level - 8 dBv Input Impedance 700 kohms Gain Range Drive 20 - 40 dB Tone Filter Range 175 - 4500 Hz Q 0.6 Nominal Loop Level -8 dB Output Impedance Loops 2 kohms Input Impedance Loops 47 kohms Mix Level Drive Channel +3 dB max Clean Channel +6 dB max Compressor Ratio 5:1 (max) Threshold -25 +6 dB Attack Time (80%) < 10 ms Release Time (80%) 100 ms typ Makeup gain 0, +3, +6 dB Output Impedance < 100 ohms Dimensions W x H x D 3.5" x 4.5" x 1.4" (90 x 115 x 35 mm) Weight 480g (1.07 lb.) Type Analog Effect, Mechanical Switching Power Requirements 9 - 12 V DC Regulated, 15 mA max*

Price: CHF 139.00

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