EHX Bass Clone Chorus

The Bass Clone by Electro-Harmonix is a chorus pedal by Electro-Harmonix that's almost identical to its guitar brother, the Small Clone, with a few added functions to make it more suitable for bass. The Clone is a famous chorus, most notably used by Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. It has a deep, lush texture that keeps a brilliant clarity that keeps a very low signal to noise ratio.

It's got a dedicated EQ control so that you control the chorus signal to avoid your bass signal getting too muddy. The treble will affect the whole signal, whereas the bass control, will not affect the modulated signal. it will only change the dry signal.

The Bass Clone chorus pedal’s core circuitry is nearly identical to the legendary Small Clone chorus, but with added features especially for bass. Chorus is a combination of modulated and dry signals. The Bass Clone’s Crossover switch cuts low end from the modulated signal so the pedal delivers a more accurately articulated bottom end with excellent note definition. The Treble control affects the whole signal while the Bass control only affects the dry half. Together with the Crossover switch they provide precise sound shaping that lets you achieve a tight, focused bass guitar sound with a well-defined low end and shimmering chorus on top. Specifications Compact chorus based on the legendary Small Clone with added features for bass Provides precise sound shaping control for a tight, focused sound with a well-defined low end and shimmering chorus on top Delivers an accurately articulated bottom end with excellent note definition True bypass switching for maximum signal path integrity when in bypass mode Tough, compact die-cast package 9-Volt battery included Optional EHX 9.DC/200mA power supply available Dimensions in inches: 2.75 (w) x 4.5 (l) x 2.1 (h) Dimensions in mm: 70 (w) x 115 (l) x 54 (h)

Price: CHF 79.00

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