EHX Octavix

You can't argue that octave and fuzz effects don't go hand in hand, and you get both in the electro-harmonix Octavix fuzz/octave pedal. Whether your guitar has single-coil or humbucking pickups, you can coax a wide range of vintage fuzz effects from the Octavix. Guitarists especially dig the switchable 9V/24V operation - at 9V the Octavix sound like a vintage fuzz unit, while 24V operation serves up a tighter sound with a fatter octave effect. Once you plug in and turn up, it's hard not to sound like a rock icon with the ehx Octavix pedal.

Fuzz and octave effects with controls for volume, boost, and octave Switchable 9V/24V operation for two distinct voicings Wide-ranging effects from smooth, sagging vintage fuzz to tight, punchy modern tone Use it to distort a clean channel, or send an overdriven amp into the red zone True bypass for maximum signal integrity

Price: CHF 99.00

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