The latest pedal from Empress is called the Nebulus which is a Chorus, Vibrato and Flanger pedal in one, but that’s not all, it has 3 submodes per effect and the Vibrato effect has a Vibe and Rotary submode so much more than just the kind of wobbly pitch Vibrato effect you might be thinking of.

The layout is pretty simple, the Mix control allows you to blend the clean signal with the affected signal and then the rate, depth and output controls are pretty self explanatory. Above these controls you have a set of mini toggle switches, the first is the mode selector (Chorus, Vibrato or Flanger), the second is a Submode control (a,b or c), a tone control (Clean, Bright or Warm) and a Special control (none, little or lots) and this control affects different parameters depending on the submode. The way to find out what each submode is and what the special control does is to view what I call the Effect matrix on the bottom of the pedal, Empress users will already be very familiar with this feature as it is used on all multi-function pedals:

Price: CHF 249.00

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