Empress Tape Delay

The Empress Tape Delay is the reward for two years of research and development creating the perfect effect. An all-analog dry path and an extensive, innovative set of controls gives you fantastic sound with exceptional versatility. An array of 3-way selector switches works with the controls to recreate virtually any tape delay effect you can imagine. The Tape Age Selector gives you the clean sound of new tape, the warbling, natural modulation of vintage tape, or the warm, compressed sound of old tape and worn heads. The Delay Time Selector gives you a fast mode with 5 to 256 milliseconds of delay, a slow mode with 128 milliseconds to 2.8 seconds of delay or a Tap Tempo mode that works with the Delay Time/Ratio control to multiply your manually selected rate. The Tap Tempo switch works in both fast and slow modes to clear the delay lines, freeing the effect for more expressive uses unavailable to other delay pedals.

Filter and Modulation selectors offer distinct sounds tailored to your use, and an advanced configuration feature gives you the options for 0, 2, or 3 owner-configured presets and true bypass or buffered bypass with trails. The Empress Tape Delay will change your relationship with your guitar right out of the box, and will surely continue to surprise and inspire you for years to come. The Empress Tape Delay draws 280 milliamps and operates on any standard 9-12vDC power supply. Empress Tape Delay Features: All Analog Dry Path 128 Milliseconds - 2.8 Seconds of Delay in Slow Mode 5 - 256 Milliseconds of Delay in Fast Mode Mix, Delay Time/Ratio, Feedback, Output Controls Dedicated Tap Tempo Footswitch 3-Way Tape Age Selector (New/Vintage/Old) 3-Way Delay Time Selector (Tap/Slow/Fast) 3-Way Filter Selector (High Pass/None/Low Pass) 3-Way Modulation Selector (Little/None/Lots) Advanced Configuration Mode Soft Touch Footswitches True Bypass or Buffered Bypass With Trails 9-12vDC Operation 280mA Power Draw 4.5 (11.43 cm) x 3.5 (8.89 cm) x 2 (5.08 cm)

Price: CHF 279.00

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