Fender VibroKing 20th Anniversary

The Fender® Vibro-King guitar combo amp as introduced in 1993. It marked the return of hand-wired amp tradition and added modern features. In the past two decades, players everywhere have prized the enduringly classic Vibro-King as one of the most touch-sensitive amps of all time. It offers sparkling shimmer at low volumes, but when turned up you can get powerful, thick overdrive.

Fender is celebrating those twenty years of killer tone with the 20th Anniversary Vibro-King. Fender and Jensen collaborated on this combo's trio of warm 10" speakers. A solid pine cab increases resonance. Other premium features include all-tube hand-wired circuitry, custom Schumacher transformers and much, much more.

Controls: Pre-Gain '63 style Fender Reverb: Dwell, Mix, Tone. Fat Switch, Volume, Treble, Bass, Mid. Vibrato: Speed, Intensity Effects Loop: 1/4" (Send/Return) Reverb and Vibrato effects Solid State rectifier Single channel Two 1/4" parallel speaker jacks Solid pine cabinet Red jewel pilot light Molded rubber "Dog Bone" style handle Tilt back legs Three Fender special design Alnico P10R-F speakers by Jensen Five 12AX7, one 6V6 and two 6L6 tubes

Price: CHF 3'750.00

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