Fulltone SSTE Tape Echo

Get real deal echo with the Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo. Real tape, real circuits, no modeling. Choose between a vintage-voiced EP-3 preamp for old-school tones or a full-range preamp that keeps your rig's tone intact. The Solid State Tape Echo uses an efficient, quiet, and compact DC motor to run its Fulltone ETC-1 tape cartridge for rich, shimmering tape echo. If you're ready to add real tape echo to your setup, the you need the Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo.

Dual preamp modes for big sound The unmistakable tone of tape Tweakable delay times and tape speeds Dual preamp modes for big sound The folks at the Fulltone Custom Shop loaded the Solid State Tape Echo with two preamps to give you a wide range of sounds. The EP-3 mode is identical to the original Echoplex EP-3 unit down to the TIS58 JFET circuit. This is the preamp that was favored by Jimmy Page, Brian May, Tommy Bolin, and others for its slight bass cut and treble boost. If you want classic tone, then the EP-3 mode is for you. The Solid State Tape Echo's Full mode preamp delivers a full-range rich sound, just like your bypassed tone. Take it from the Sweetwater crew - whether you choose your rig's pure tone or a vintage-voiced tone, the Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo has the cool echo sound you want! The unmistakable tone of tape If you've ever played through a "healthy" Echoplex tape echo unit, you know that no delay (rackmount or pedal, analog or digital) can replicate its natural, warm, and shimmery tones. The downside? They could be noisy and unreliable. But now the folks at Fulltone come to the rescue with the Solid State Echo! It's dead-quiet, and they've completely re-vamped the electronics, the tape transport path, and even the tape cartridge itself! Now you can hit the stage or make tracks with authentic tape echo without fear! Tweakable delay times and tape speeds The Solid State Echo provides effects ranging from a quick plate reverb-like emulation to full 1 second delays. It includes a top panel-mounted dual speed toggle switch to choose between Hi-Speed and Lo-Speed operation. Hi-Speed gets you lots of highs, less bass, and a True Repeat without the pitch variation of the old Echoplex. Lo-Speed is warm, with lots of bass, less highs, and a slight "warble" that imparts a natural chorus effect made popular by artists such as Eric Johnson. Fulltone Custom Shop Solid State Tape Echo Guitar Effect Features: Solid state tape echo just like the original '70s EP-3 tape delay Real 1/4" tape gives you fat sounding delay Preamp switch lets you choose between classic EP-3 or Full Range preamps Nickel-plated steel with all stainless-steel hardware, every bolt and spacer Proprietary erase, record, and playback heads designed for long life All handwired point-to-point audio pathway All handmade in the U.S. 2-speed operation (with trimmer adjustment) for a choice between hi-fi or warm vintage sounds Tone control affecting the repeats only 1/4" jack for "Echo Cancel" allowing you to keep the TTE's tube preamp in the signal path

Price: CHF 1'395.00

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