Gibson LP Studio 2017 BLK Chry

The Les Paul Studio is as celebrated by live performers as it is by session players. The Gibson Les Paul Studio T treads new ground with its coil tapped complement of 498T/490R pickups. This combination unlocks plenty of creative textures to flesh out ideas in the studio or onstage, from classic cleans and modern drive to single-coil cluck. The Studio T benefits from an Ultra-Modern weight-relieved body. This reduction in weight of more than a pound provides extra comfort for those long nights spent bent over a console. And a feature your fingers will thank you for is the SlimTaper mahogany neck, which honors the fast style beloved by fans of '60s Les Pauls. Dependable Grover kidney tuners keep this Les Paul Studio stable.

Plek'd for precision playability Classic mahogany/maple body is weight relieved for comfort SlimTaper mahogany neck plays fast and smooth Plek'd for precision playability This Les Paul Studio 2017 T feels fast and precise, thanks in large part to Plek processing. Typically reserved for top-dollar custom guitars, this process levels the frets with pinpoint precision, providing you with the most playable fretboard you're likely to own. Each note rings loud and clear, and the fret edges feel smooth as silk. Classic mahogany/maple body is weight relieved for comfort You can't deny two fundamental guitar truths: early Les Pauls were glorious, but they were also heavy. That's the trade-off of strapping a solid slab of mahogany to your body. But Gibson has done something special with the Les Paul Studio T's Ultra-Modern, weight-relieved body. It retains the chime and resonance of slab Les Pauls at a big reduction in weight. This just means you can enjoy yourself onstage for longer, and drag yourself out of bed earlier, with the Gibson Les Paul Studio T. SlimTaper mahogany neck plays fast and smooth The neck on this Studio T Les Paul is a breath of fresh air. Its SlimTaper neck profile conforms naturally to the hand, for smooth leads up top and fast licks down low. If you're looking for the comfort of a '60s Gibson, Sweetwater suggests checking out the Studio T. Gibson Les Paul Studio T Electric Guitar Features: A stage and studio workhorse Ultra-Modern, weight-relieved body allows for longer sets and sessions Mahogany SlimTaper neck plays like a '60s favorite Rosewood fingerboard delivers classic Les Paul sustain Coil tapped 498T/490R pickups provide classic PAF cleans to quacky single-coil cluck Grover kidney tuners are studio stable Aluminum Tune-o-matic bridge is lightweight and tonally matched to the guitar Plek'd for precision playability

Price: CHF 1'549.00

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