Gibson Memory Cable

Premium-quality instrument cable for guitar or keyboard that records up to 13 hours with a built-in 4GB MicroSD card.

As any artist knows, inspiration can you hit you at the most random times. For a writer, a simple pen and pad of paper is easy to keep around, but for a guitarist or keyboardist, having even a handheld recorder with you at all times isn't a guarantee you'll not be losing some of your new creation to whatever noise is going on around you and having your guitar hooked up to a computer means you need to drag your laptop with you at all times. How can you capture your inspiration and ensure it doesn't get tainted by outside noise or without bogging yourself down with a backpack worth of equipment? How can you capture that in the moment riff, or analyze your mastery of a song your learning? Gibson has come up with an ingenious solution aptly named the Memory Cable.

The Memory Cable's built-in, super-compact recorder (designed by TASCAM, an industry leader in portable recording) saves up to 13 hours of your playing to commonly available, inexpensive Micro SD cards. And with CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution, the audio quality is ideal for transferring over to computer-based, multitrack recording programs. You don't need to plug into an amp to use the Memory Cable. Simply plug it into your guitar, bass or keyboard and start recording. It's that simple. When you are in the middle of a rehearsal, you can plug the Memory Cable into your PA mixer to record it. You can also use it as insurance by plugging it into your computer's audio interface so if you forget to record-enable a track or the computer crashes, it'll still be saved on the Memory Cable. When you aren't recording, the Memory Cable still functions as a premium cable for pristine sound. Features Premium, 16-foot cable Stores over 13 hours of audio with 4GB MicroSD card (included) Continuous or auto recording (records only when you’re playing) Handles guitar, bass, drum machine, synthesizer, etc. and line-level signals Uncompressed recording—CD-quality 44.1kHz/16 bit fidelity Mac/Windows/iOS/Android compatible WAV file format Ultra-simple user interface, with included reference card Insulated ends minimize the chance of shocks Transfer files directly from MicroSD card to computer using a card reader, or even insert the MicroSD in a compatible smart phone and access the phone via USB Recording technology from TASCAM, the undisputed leader in hand-held portable recorders Uses AA main battery (standard or rechargeable, approximate 8-hour battery life) and LR44 battery for Real Time Clock functions (approximate 1-year battery life) Premium quality, low-capacitance cable Competitive pricing with non-recording premium cables

Price: CHF 129.00

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