Hotone Xtomp Bluetooth MultiFX

New from Hotone comes the Xtomp. This pedal uses CDCM system technology to recreate the sound of a classic pedal. The CDCM allows for larger and more complex modeling algorithms, which equals more realistic and natural tone. There has never been anything like this in tone modeling before, it really is a step forward in pedal technology.

XTOMP uses an iOS or Android app to let you manage all your effects and transfer them to your stompbox via Bluetooth. A USB port allows for firmware updates and future XTOMP function upgrades. This means that when Hotone launch one of their planned monthly upgrades for the pedal it is incredibly easily to get up and running with some absolutely stellar effects.

Hotone partnered with world-class mobile music software giant EUMLab to develop this smart but simple user interface: all you have to do is go in, find the pedal model you want, and put it in the XTOMP with the touch of a button. Adjust the XTOMP knobs to your liking, and you’re ready to rock. XTOMP is able to simulate all kinds of iconic classic, vintage, and modern pedals. Its growing effects library of over 300 models lets you try out a huge selection of pedals without having to spend a small fortune or endlessly plug new pedals into your board. Users can update and even contribute to the library. This is your chance of getting your signature sound out there for others to appreciate. Ultrathin Design Hotone are becoming well known for small, tough pedals and this sleak, slimline box is incredibly well designed. Tough enough for heavy use the zinc alloy casing looks great and it’s well balanced so it stays in place on stage 6 Controls Not all pedals are created equal. While some have simple 1 or 2 knob control systems others aren’t as straight forward. To make sure you never lose any of the options of the original pedal you get 6 controls that light up to indicate which ones are usable with the current pedal. For some models, the lights indicate the status of a knob setting. For example, if the original equipment had a toggle switch, that function will transfer to the XTOMP and be controllable in knob form. You can set up a color code in the App to show, for example, Boost ON/OFF. Set a knob light to change from say red (OFF) to green (ON), as you turn it and adjust your settings. New Models Added Every Month Hotone HQ are adding new pedal models to the catalogue every month so that you will end up with a limitless supply of sounds in one pedal! If you'd like to view the new models via the Hotone Xtomp blog, click here. Specifications Controls: 6 knobs, 1 On/Off footswitch Audio Jacks: Left in (mono), Right in, Left out (mono), Right out Bypass Mode: Left channel – Relay True Bypass & Analog Buffer Bypass, Right channel – Analog Buffer Bypass Input Impedance: 1M ohms Output Impedance: 100 ohms Audio Frequency Response: 5Hz~21kHz S/N Ratio: 114dB Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative Current Consumption: Max.200mA Dimensions: 126mm(D) x 73mm(W) x 35mm(H) Weight: 472g

Price: CHF 239.00

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