Ibanez RG Kaoss Limited RGKP6 (SOLD)

Expand your musical horizons with the Ibanez RGKP6 solidbody electric guitar with built-in Korg MINI KAOSS PAD 2S. It all starts with the classic RG body style, which is primed for players with attitude. The RGKP6 boasts a fast-playing maple neck, rosewood fretboard, a humbucking pickup, and a resonant mahogany body. The KAOSS PAD 2S lets you choose from 100 different effects for creating out-of-this-world tones with a simple touch of your finger. Take your music to another plane with the Ibanez RGKP6 with built-in Korg MINI KAOSS PAD 2S.

Create a new soundscape with this innovative guitar Amazing EDM-style effects built into your guitar Fixed bridge stability for rock-solid tuning Create a new soundscape with this innovative guitar Do you want to push the boundaries of music? Ibanez's RGKP6 is the perfect instrument to do it with. The foundation of this genre-bending instrument is a rock-solid RG style guitar with a humbucker. A Korg KAOSS PAD 2S is mounted on the lower bout along with a built-in distortion circuit for creating cool and trippy EDM tones. A built-in distortion circuit helps push the KAOSS PAD 2S's tone over the edge and into a new spectrum of tone. Set your creative muse free with the Ibanez RGKP6 electric guitar. Amazing EDM-style effects built into your guitar The Korg MINI KAOSS PAD 2S effects processor provides tons of creative potential for conjuring otherworldly sounds live or in your studio. Turn it on, pick one of 100 effects programs, and simply touch the MINI KAOSS PAD to apply tempo-synced effects! From spacious delays and reverbs to DJ favorites like Vinyl Break and Ducking Compression, the MINI KAOSS PAD 2S is ready to spice up almost any type of music. Perfect for performing DJs, electronic artists, and anyone that has fun creating new sounds, the Korg MINI KAOSS PAD 2S handheld effects processor packs a ton of creative fun. Fixed bridge stability for rock-solid tuning The Ibanez RGKP6 sports a fixed bridge, which means no more tuning hassles due to a floating tremolo. From standard to lowered tunings your guitar's tuning will be more stable and the string tension will feel looser. When you change tunings at the gig they will be ready to go without messing with the tremolo or loosening locking nuts. Ibanez RGKP6 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features: Classic Ibanez RG playability coupled with a Korg Mini KAOSS Pad 2S Fast maple neck lets you set your own shredding speed limit Humbucking pickup give you a wide tonal range to play with Fixed bridge gives you top-notch tuning stability Built-in distortion effects Portable KAOSS effects processor with 100 programs and automatic BPM detection Built-in mic and external mic input let you record and process your own sounds

Price: CHF 649.00

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