When most people think of a searing JTM tone, there’s a lot that comes up. The Who. AC/DC. You know, legendary bands with legendary tones. Then why, may we ask, are there no pedals that approximate such a sound? As it turns out, it’s hard. Just ask the folks at Rockett.

The .45 Caliber took over a year to fine-tune and develop. Inspired by those incredible JTM tones, the R&D of the .45 Caliber was a painstaking process, and didn’t leave the workbench until it sounded just like a JTM on the verge of destruction. And if you’ve ever played a Rockett drive pedal before, you know they deliver.

A simple no-frills interface awaits .45 Caliber players. Four knobs: Volume (Loud), Gain, Bass and Treble are what you get. Who needs anything more on a Marshall-style pedal? This simple interface is a testament to just how well the .45 Caliber nails the JTM; the adjustments are only superficial ones, helping players use the .45 Caliber as an always-on facemelter. J. Rockett Audio Designs .45 Caliber Features: Authentic-sounding JTM45 tone Two-band EQ Hand-made in USA Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 249.00

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