Janglebox JB Compressor


With the undeniable success of the original JangleBox, we set about developing a high-quality upgrade of our flagship pedal with a five-point agenda:

Lower the price.
Eliminate the original JangleBox’s pin-positive polarity issue.
End assembly delays that had customers waiting up to eight weeks for their JangleBox.
Maintain the same great JangleBox chime, sustain and brilliance,
still using top-grade components

And we did it! For 18 months, we worked exhaustively with an international assembler who took our specs and created the new, improved silver JangleBox with multiple upgrades: New diode bridge that works with both pin-pos and pin-neg adapters and cables. Eliminate components with trace levels of mercury or lead. EC and FCC test certification and ROHS compliance for European Union retailers and dealers. Even a bit quieter output than the original. The right-priced Silver JangleBox is a great product for these times: beautiful tone, quality build and the unique chime and sustain you’d expect from a JangleBox.

Price: CHF 199.00

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