Janglebox JB2 Compressor


First, we listened. To all of our customers and supporters — the pros, aspiring artists and amateurs alike. After four years of acclaim for the original JangleBox, many of you had suggestions for tweaks and upgrades. We heard some great ideas.

Professional performers wanted an uncompromising stage pedal. “Don’t crowd all the knobs together on another tiny box!” We gave the JB2 ample real estate so a nimble size-12 boot could make adjustments on the fly.
Would it be possible to break out the treble boost as a separate on/off switch? Check. With adjustable gain? No problem. True bypass? Of course.
Separate colored LEDs were added to keep things clear on a poorly-lit club stage (or a well-lit arena stage, for that matter!).
And since we were rethinking everything else, we decided to throw on an adjustable EQ for enhanced tone flexibility.

So what did we end up with? One of the most versatile boutique compressors on the market today. Use it as a straight comp, a clean boost, a treble boost, or a “boost-on-boost.” All in one easy-to-use box. What hasn’t changed from the original JB? Our basic approach to ­expanding the compression “sweet spot.” The beautiful bright ringing chime and clean, even tone. Unsurpassed sustain. True bypass. The rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure. And, most importantly, the JangleBox commitment to quality build and premium components. Still handmade in the USA, the JangleBox JB2 delivers the distinctive compression edge now more than ever!

Price: CHF 399.00

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