The Wall of Sound—a concept many have heard of, but nobody can pinpoint. This is the sound captured in Gold Star Studios by Phil Spector and his mentors. Essentially, the technique involved studio artistry that filled in the cracks with lush soundscapes. When you hear a Gold Star song, you know it. The tone was and is legendary.

Leave it to Keeley, then, to develop a reverb pedal that best captures these legendary tones. The Gold Star reverb contains three Wall of Sound-esque modes that cam be manipulated far beyond the studio's original parameters.

Three selectable reverb modes adorn the Gold Star: Compressed, Distorted and Flanged. Each mode is governed by Decay and Mix knobs, as well as two knobs (Vinyl and Depth) that change function depending on the mode. Let's check those modes out! Compressed: This mode adds a compression to the reverb tails that responds to playing dynamics. Harder picking will result in a more compressed sound. The Depth knob acts as a compressor's threshold control. while Vinyl acts as a compressor's ratio control. This is extremely useful for note separation when a song or lick calls for such. Distorted: A thick, meaty distortion engulfs the reverb spread, which is perfect for shoegaze bands. In this mode, Vinyl controls the amount of distortion, while Depth controls the pre-delay. Pre-delay controls the amount of elapsed time between the input signal and when the reverb "kicks in," use this for an interesting accented effect. Flanged: This is actually a dual mode, depending on where the Vinyl control is set—noon is the "zero point." When turned to the right, a warped vibrato sound is heard; turned left, a lush flangers wraps the reverb trails. In Flanged mode, Depth acts like a depth control on a standard flanger. Keeley even went so far as to replicate tape machine response from the original Gold Star machines for a true-to-life studio experience without Phil Spector hovering over you and being weird. Keeley Electronics Gold Star Reverb Features: Three distinct reverb modes: Compressed, Distorted and Flanged Two knobs change function depending on mode Real tape machine-like response built-in to the signal path Hand-made in USA Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Price: CHF 229.00

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