The sun has risen on Keeley Electronics with the advent of its Memphis Sun, a lo-fi delay, reverb and double tracking pedal. Like its name implies, the Memphis Sun can help lay the foundation for your own Cash or Elvis-reminiscent rig.

Three modes adorn the Memphis Sun: Slapback 600, Sun Mode and Room, each mode is so distinct that each mode may as well be its own pedal. That said, the knobs perform different functions depending on which mode is selected.

Slapback 600: Each echo is filtered at 1kHz, and second- and third-order harmonics are added. The Time knob stretches out just a hair past 600 milliseconds, Regen adds up to three repeats and Reverb adds a subtle room reverb to the delayed signal.

Sun Mode: This mode is an ADT (automatic double tracker) even though ADT was not available in the Sun heyday. This mode asks "what if?" Set from the minimum to a hair higher delivers 30ms of delay for an excellent lo-fi double tracker. Each knob marker denotes the addition of 30 more milliseconds. Anything between 20 and 180ms works well as a slapback. The Regen knob functions as a modulation knob for the ADT voice. This simulates a tape machine. Reverb adds in a warm room reverb, much like a good recording space. Room: This centers on the fantastic room reverb sound of the Memphis Sun. Time controls between 0 and 150ms of pre-delay for a slapback reverb sound. Regen acts as a filter to degrade the reverb tone, and the Reverb knob acts as a depth control. Keeley Electronics Memphis Sun Lo-Fi Reverb Features: Three distinct modes with different controls for each Seeks to approximate recording booths of the '50s True bypass Hand made in USA Standard 9v center-negative power operation

Price: CHF 229.00

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