Love Pedal Eternity E6 (SOLD)

The Lovepedal Eternity E6 is a must have drive pedal for those that want to take their clean valve amp into smooth overdriven heaven. If you have heard any of the previous Eternity drive pedals you know that it sounded great for low to medium gain tones but didn't quite have enough range for some players. Well thanks to a suggestion from the creator of Mr Black pedals the latest edition of the Eternity E6 is packed with a touch more gain to make it even more versatile.

If you are a fan of blues and classic rock tones this pedal will not disappoint. Just dial in the level to match your amp and the gain to suit and you are away rocking the stage. The tone knob is a little bit different than on most pedals and instead of working as a single knob EQ that controls multiple frequencies it instead focusses on the glassy high midrange of something like a classic 'F' style amplifier.

Price: CHF 339.00

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