Love Pedal Eternity Fuse FSE

The Lovepedal Eternity can be 3 pedals in one—Overdrive, Treble Booster and Clean booster—depending on where you set the dials. You can also blend these 3 factors. It has a socketed IC so you can swap out different ICs (extra ICs are not included). It's a treble boost instead of a normal tone control. The Lovepedal Eternity Fuse Overdrive pedal provides darker tones, brighter tones with an unorthodox control.

It is a very smooth type of overdrive as well. The Eternity Fuse pedal can go from nothing at all to very warm-sounding vintage overdriven tube sound, a clean flat booster or a treble booster, or even a tweed amp.

Turn the toggle switch to the right for a strat-sounding wail. The toggle set at the middle gives a clean boost, with a warm, classic tube-driven vibe. Turn it to the left for screaming classic overdrive, ideal for blues, rock, or a multitude of other music styles. And with the treble boost all the way off, the overdrive pedal gives you warmer tone than most tube amps. The Lovepedal Eternity overdrive pedal always stays true to what's coming out of your guitar no matter how hard you drive it, so you never turn into the pedal. It also breaks up the harder you dig into the strings, which sounds killer. FEATURES Glass control Level control Drive control Toggle switch LED Footswitch

Price: CHF 199.00

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