Lovepedal Bonetender Fuzz USED (SOLD)

Second Hand. The Bonetender is a germanium voiced, MK II style fuzz box originally produced by companies such as Solasound, Colorsound and Vox. Set the gain around 10 o’clock and  will give you a creamy boost, vintage Maestro FZ-1 territory around 2 and Big Muff tidal wave with it cranked! Sonically, it’s a tidal wave of sustain while remaining, tight, focused and very articulate.
It pays tribute to the legendary riffage of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Mick Ronson to name a few.

GAIN AND LEVEL Control 9VDC Input True Bypass LED Status Compact “MINI” Die cast Aluminum Case 3 5/8L x 1 1/2W x 1 1/4H

Price: CHF 149.00

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