Marshall DSL40CV Combo Vint

The Marshall DSL40CV Vintage is a 40 watt all-valve guitar amp combo. This is a special edition and is only available in very limited quantities, we know these will go fast. The Marshall DSL40CV Vintage has been given a vintage Marshall appearance with an old school logo and black/grey checkered fret cloth. A DSL Series guitar amp combo is big on tones and character. Powered using EL34 tubes you get two channels, clean and driven, both of which sound amazing lice and in the studio. The DSL40 has been loaded with a twelve inch speaker, Marshall have used a Celestion Seventy 80, a great sounding amplifier speaker that sits well with this amp. The preamp section includes three ECC83 valves and also has a comprehensive EQ section with multiple tone options.

With the Marshall DSL40CV you have the ability to switch from forty to twenty watts. This is great when you need to turn down a little bit and really get the benefit of a dialed up amp. The DSL40CV is ideal for the home, recording and when you're up on stage its easy to flick to Pentode for the full 40 watts. The Tone Shift button changes the character of the amp, when it's activated you get modern, powerful sounds (great for heavy distortion) but if you prefer classic Marshall tones then leave the button out. As well as having bags of gain to spare the Marshall DSL40C has excellent clean tones. All together this makes it an indispensable tool for any gigging and recording guitarist. Specifications Product Name: Marshall DSL40CV Vintage 1 x 12 Inch Celestion Seventy 80 40 watts switch-able to 20 Pre-Amp Valves: 3 x ECC83 Power Amp Valves: 1 x ECC83, 2 x EL34 Two Channels Two Modes Per Channel 3 Band EQ, Mid-Shift & Presence Resonance Control Digital Reverb Pentode/Triode Switch Series FX Loop (Bypassable) 2 Way Footswitch Supplied PEDL-00009 Dimensions: 621x490x252mm Weight: 22.85kg

Price: CHF 990.00

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