Mission Enginnering Rewah RWPro

Mission's Rewah Pro Tone Switchable Wah Pedal may just be your ultimate wah. First off, this puppy is built. With its audiophile-quality components, JFET output buffer, and hardwire true bypass, the Rewah Pro delivers gorgeous-sounding wah effects with extremely low noise. The Rewah Pro is tonally versatile, too. Nestled inside is a small switchblock that lets you virtually rewire it for variations in gain structure, filter center frequency, and bandwidth. This is far more control over your tone than other wahs offer. Searching for your ultimate wah?

Built around a custom inductor of the type used in very high end audio amplifiers Inductance and resistance are the same as highly coveted vintage halo inductors Huge core, twice the size of a typical wah coil Internal switchblock that lets you virtually rewire the unit for variations in sound Audiophile quality dual-transistor JFET output buffer Hardwired true bypass

Price: CHF 299.00

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