Brand new for 2016, the Mooer Reverie Reverb is a feature rich reverb pedal that has some unique twists on the standard ol' reverb pedal. First you got a wide range of stereo reverb types: Normal, Plate, Shimmer, Octave, and Modulation with extensive tailoring parameters. Now on the reverbs you can add Wah, Low-Pass, Flanger, Tremolo or Water effects. Normally in your chain, reverbs are the last pedal so you've never heard an effected reverb. Here the optional effects act on the reverb only (not original signal) so that you got 5 nifty ways to warp and bend your reverb for sonic creativity rarely heard. Subtle or extreme, you can mess around and save them in the nifty 5 memory slots for instant recall. Even a tap temp for the optional effects to pulse at the speed you want. Phew that's a lot of value!

5 Reverb Modes: Normal, Plate, Shimmer, Octave, Modulation 5 Post Reverb Effects: Wah, Low-Pass, Flanger, Tremolo, Water Tone/Param, Decay, Mix for Reverb Speed, Range, Depth for Post Reverb Effects 5 Memory Slots for Instant Recall Stereo Inputs and Ouputs Tap Tempo Pan Mod Switch Current Draw 130mA

Price: CHF 159.00

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