Moog Minifooger Drive USED

Second Hand! The Moog MF Drive Minifooger overdrive pedal combines Moog's amazing Ladder Filter lowpass, boutique FET circuitry, and classic OTA design to provide you with killer tone and incredible picking dynamics. From fully dimed American tube amp scream to warm and creamy British overdrive, the MF Drive gives you the controls you need to dial in the perfect character for your music. Even vintage fuzz tones are within reach for this versatile overdrive. And when you connect an expression pedal, you can even use your Moog MF Drive as a delightfully dirty wah.

With their compact, pedalboard-friendly designs, Moog's Minifooger pedals are a perfect fit for your pedalboard. Their extended frequency ranges make these effects sound great on more than just guitar too - they're excellent for bass, keyboards, and more. True analog signal paths give you the superior sound quality and the unique idiosyncrasies that make vintage pedals so cool. What's more, each of these pedals features a CV input that lets you hook up a Moog expression pedal or synth to take over various parameters. Moog MF Drive Minifooger Analog Overdrive Pedal Features: Call up the sound of a totally cranked tube amp, without the noise A real Moog Ladder Filter lets you dial in a massive range of tone Peak switch lets you add harmonic resonance to your filter Perfect for American screaming leads to British fuzz Hook up an expression pedal to control the filter cutoff on the fly for a sweet dirty wah effect An awesome dirty boost for your favorite amplifier Compact design comfortably fits any pedalboard Great for guitar, bass, keyboards, and more True-bypass switching preserves your tone Runs on standard 9V batteries or optional power supply

Price: CHF 149.00

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