Pigtronix Rototron Rotary Sim

The latest from the analog-minded engineers at Pigtronix is the Rototron rotary speaker emulation pedal. It's virtually impossible to get realistic dual-rotor cab sound - until now! The Rototron gives you a full compliment of controls from speed to ramp so you can dial in just the right effect. This all-analog stompbox gives you that distinctive rotary cab sound from your own amp (or amps!) without having to worry about the weight and well-being of a vintage rotary speaker cabinet. For keyboard or guitar, the Pigtronix Rototron is the rotary speaker emulation pedal you've been searching for.

Pigtronix Rototron Rotary Speaker Emulation Pedal at a Glance: Control classic effects like never before Classic organ performance for your modern keyboard Harness the power of guitar Gods Control classic effects like never before The Rototron isn't just an on/off switch giving you a single classic rotary effect, it's the pedal that allows you to define and create your own legendary sound. Full stereo input and output give you the option to run a full a stereo amp rig and take advantage of the hypnotic power a stereo rotary effect can have. The individual slow, fast, and ramp controls let you dial in the perfect speed to emulate tons of classic sounds. What if you want your own signature swirly sound? Pigtronix gives you not one, not two, but three expression pedal outputs controlling your high and low rotors and the brake individually, giving you unparalleled control and flexibility from a rotary speaker emulation pedal. For even finer tone tuning abilities, look inside the Rototron to find switchable input summing and mid-range panning options. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers have heard and played every rotary emulator you can imagine, and we can safely say the Rototron offers you true tweakability, performance, and great-sounding rotary effects, all in a compact, easy-to-rock, pedal. Classic organ performance for your modern keyboard Even on the most expensive and advanced electric stage pianos and keyboards, digital rotary effects can sound flat and unnatural. With the Rototron's all-analog design you can fire up your classic organ sounds and get rotary effects so real you can feel the air coming off the cabinet. Harness the power of guitar Gods Realistic rotary effects are amongst the most sought-after by guitarists looking to replicate the classic tones of music legends like Frampton and the Beatles. The familiar stompbox format and tweakability of the Rototron means it will fit easily on your pedalboard while it brings new life to your tone. Frampton had it, why shouldn't you? Pigtronix Rototron Rotary Speaker Emulation Pedal Features: Emulates legendary dual rotor cabinets putting classic rotary effects at your feet Analog design sounds warmer and more realistic than typical digital rotary effects Line-level headroom gives you plenty of signal to play with Full stereo input and output options make it great for keyboardists and guitarists, live or in the studio Separate speed controls and adjustable ramp time add realism to your effects Remotely switchable brake option for authentic rotary performance Separate low and high rotor jacks let you use expression pedals for even more flexibility Internal input summing and mid-range panning options let you define your sound

Price: CHF 299.00

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