Republic Resolian Highway 61 #7204 (SOLD)

When we think of resonator guitars, it is the National and Dobro designs from the late 1920's that generally come to mind.  Indeed, few other names have penetrated this niche market.  The Republic range covers both classic single-cone and tri-cone models, adding features that give a modern dimension to these very traditional instruments, such as body cutaways and options like classic nickel or "distressed" metal finishes. Republic Guitars was founded in the town of Rowlett just outside of Dallas Texas, in August 2013 we relocated to our new home in Austin.

Republic Highway 61 Style 7204 "Shorty" Brushed Nickel * Hollow-body, single-cutaway resonator * Materials: Bell brass * Finish: Brushed Nickel * Cover plate: Diamond * 12 frets to the body * 1 13/16" bone nut * 22" scale * 17" body length * 9 1/4" upper bout * 12" lower bout * 3" body depth * Round mahogany neckrosewood neck & fret board * Hand spun aluminum "Continental" cone * Quality open geared tuners * Dot position markers * Adjustable trussrod * Rosewood biscuit * Maple saddle *Feather-lite/Durafoam Case

Price: CHF 749.00

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