Schecter C7 Apocalypse 7STR

Boasting 24 stainless steel frets on an ebony fretboard and a pair of humbucking pickups, the Schecter C-7 Apocalypse solidbody electric guitar is ready to rock. A duo of Apocalypse humbuckers yield aggressive tone by the truckload with plenty of richness and harmonic content. A Push/Pull tone control provides access to sweet single-coil tones. And with a fast-playing neck, the ultra-solid tuning stability of the hardtail bridge, you've got a versatile metal machine in the Schecter C-7 Apocalypse.

Woods chosen for tone and stability Schecter specified a swamp ash body for this C-7 guitar for its inherent clear top end and big lows. Then they went with a multi-ply neck design that pairs maple and bubinga — both hard woods that offer a lot of sustain and attack — to keep the neck extremely stable under stressful environmental situations. The neck is then reinforced with Schecter's carbon fiber rods, further ensuring you will get the same streamlined performance from this guitar night after night. Expect sonic intensity from the Apocalypse humbuckers in the C-7 Apocalypse. Alnico V magnets deliver a fast, aggressive sound with loads of richness. The alnicos are flanked by ceramic magnets for top-end presence and articulation. You'll have an explosive tone with plenty of harmonic content, giving you extreme sound-shaping potential when you tweak the tone knobs on your amplifier and pedals.

Price: CHF 1'479.00