Solid Gold Electroman Delay

The ElectroMan is everything you ever wanted in a delay pedal....long delay times, the ability to adjust the warmth and response of the delay signal, an effects loop where different flavors can be added to the wet signal, a warp foot switch that sends it all into self oscillation madness and most importantly great tone! This is an extremely powerful tone tool for those seeking to dramatically alter their soundscape with lush textures and complex layers of sound and feedback without the added headaches of microprocessor driven controllers and digital layouts. Simplicity is key, versatility is a must, TONE IS KING!

Warp Switch: This momentary switch allows you to increase the repeats and create feedback at the touch of a button. Imagine instant swells, mesmerizing feedback, stutter effects and a great big wall of sound as easily as pushing on a switch. LOOP: This is an effects loop for the delay signal. You can add various different colors to the delay signal by adding different types of effects. To use this loop a Y-cable is required. Results are limited only by your imagination; beautifully twisted and complex sounds are now at your fingertips. TIP: SEND RING: RETURN SLEEVE: GROUND Features: True Bypass Switching Up to 800ms of delay Tone control to custom tailor the delay signal FX loop Warp Switch

Price: CHF 249.00

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