Solid Gold High Octane OD USED

Second Hand! Going from a Jazzmaster (but sometimes a Tele or SG) into a clone of a Marshall Plexi (but sometimes into a Trinity Tweed Deluxe or vintage Ampeg Gemini). This pedal really is the perfect low gain overdrive/clean boost. It lends a very rich character to your tone and lifts you up in the mix, making your guitar somehow sound both fuller and tighter. Nice vintage tweed style tones without sounding ratty or unbalanced. Especially good placed after other pedals. It does a great job firming up whatever pedals are on before it, working almost like studio mastering on your tone. Again, tighter, fuller, more present in the mix. Phenomenal stuff. I've owned/tried just about every BOSS, MXR, Ibanez, Menatone, Skreddy, Fulltone, Frantone, or Throbak Overdrive pedal and many more. T

Price: CHF 159.00

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