Supro 1699RH Statesman 50w

One of the only things better than an amp screaming with Supro tone is an amp like the Statesman that can scream with two classic Supro tones. You'll love the versatility of this amp. The Red channel replicates the company's Thunderbolt amplifier, while the Blue channel's Supro Comet tone is by far nastier. But the Statesman's flexibility doesn't stop there! You'll also have footswitchable control of your tube-driven spring reverb and effects loop. For such a pure-sounding amp, there's a lot waiting under the hood of the Supro Statesman.

No amp in the current Supro lineup offers as many tonal and switching conveniences as the Statesman all-tube amp head, and it does this while maintaining the vintage character and crunch that these amps are so well known for. The tone of the amp has been carefully voiced to exude traditional Supro tone. But with two separate, footswitchable channels with varying gain characteristics, you're able to dial up a variety of tones during the heat of your performance. Two classic-sounding channels Each channel on the Statesman recalls one of Supro's most defining tones. The Red channel is taken from the company's Thunderbolt tube amp. Its tone exhibits plenty of detailed headroom but can still get crunchy as your volume control inches upward. The Blue channel is right out of the Comet — one of the most popular amps at Sweetwater. This is a higher gain voice that reacts beautifully to your playing dynamics. And the Statesman can even run both channels together for a massive tone all its own. Versatile onboard effect options Supro took the Statesman 50-watt head a few steps further in the flexibility department by adding footswitchable reverb and an effects loop. The tube-driven spring reverb is especially powerful. Not only does it exude the watery spring tone in spades, but a 100% wet signal can be blended into the Red channel to taste. The effects loop is also tube driven and has some tricks up its sleeve. Its variable send and return levels let you dial in a perfect volume for your affected tone. And it can also be used as a footswitchable boost or for volume reduction. Supro Statesman 50-watt Amp Head Features: Dual-channel combo amp with powerful switching options Red channel is a higher-headroom preamp from the Thunderbolt combo Blue channel offers the crunchy rock tones from the Comet combo Tube-spring reverb is footswitchable 100% wet reverb signal can be blended to taste with the Red channel Footswitchable, tube-driven effects loop offers variable gai

Price: CHF 1'540.00

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