Supro Comet 1610RT 110 (SOLD)

Supro's 1610 Comet all-tube electric guitar combo amplifier screams with vintage-voiced grit that will bring out the best in all your guitars. Its straightforward circuitry is aimed at players who want to crank the volume and receive thick, old-school amp distortion. You'll also find tube-driven reverb and tremolo onboard. All this in a 14-watt, 10" combo amp that is impressively convenient for gigging guitarists. And the 1610 Comet comes clothed in Supro's retro 1959 Black Rhino Hide Tolex and gold faceplate.

Engineered for old-school grit Tube-driven reverb and tremolo Convenient and attractive design Engineered for old-school grit The voice of Supro's 1610 Comet tube combo amp is decidedly retro and rocking. You easily attain thick sustaining tones by cranking up the volume control past noon. This non-master circuit allows you to play the amp as much as you play your guitar. Slam it hard for extra distortion. Back off your guitar's volume for jangly cleans. And the onboard output switch will take the Comet down to six watts to nail those over-the-top tones at quieter volumes. You'll be amazed at the size of your tone coming from such a compact combo. Tube-driven reverb and tremolo The sound of great tube-driven amplifier reverb and tremolo circuits helped define the vintage tones that many of us chase every day. The 1610 Comet is loaded with impressive takes on these timeless sounds. The reverb is excellent for adding a touch of ambience to your sound as well as dialing up springy surf-inspired washes. The 12AX7-based onboard tremolo boasts controls for speed and depth, allowing you to precisely perfect the amount of throb and pulse in your guitar's voice. These effects have impressed every player at Sweetwater who has experienced them. Convenient and attractive design With as much attitude and sound as the Supro 1610 Comet all-tube electric guitar amplifier exudes, the fact that it does it in a very portable 10" speaker design is that much more stunning. You'll appreciate all the top-end clarity that makes Supros so popular, and the amount of low end put out by the amp's custom 10" speaker will have you putting away your larger guitar cabinets. Thanks to this construction, the 1610 Comet's portability can be a gigging guitarist's best friend. And it will do it while looking dashing in its Black Rhino Tolex and gold faceplate. Supro 1610 Comet Combo Guitar Amplifier Features: Compact all-tube guitar combo with a vintage flavor Non-master circuit delivers an old-school high-gain tone Tube-driven reverb and tremolo onboard 10" speaker offers plenty of low end and top-end clarity Great looking 1959 Supro cosmetics Convenient dimensions are ideal for gigging guitarists Engineered to bring the best out of your guitars

Price: CHF 1'479.00

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